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The races for this Las Vegas Team Challenge will be in  7 events that contain 15 qualifying races at Bootleg Canyon in DH, XC, and Enduro disciplines for both regular mountain bikes and e-bikes. The 3 Coyote classic xc races, and the 3 Winter Gravity Series.  All of the racers must register at in the categories they would normally race in. Teams may enter up to 3 racers for each race and the fastest time of one of their racers will be used in the competition towards points for that race. For XC races the fastest single lap will be used for the regular bikes and the best overall time will be used for e-bikes.


Regarding the DH races, only Category 2 and Category 3 may enter the Las Vegas Team Challenge.


Points are as follows.

1st 100

2nd 90

3rd 80

4th 70

5th 60

6th 50

7th 40

8th 30

9th 20

10th 10

The max amount of points possible is 1700 points



* All team members must be in that group for more than 30 days before the race they are racing in.

* Team captains will notify each other via group email of exactly who is representing their team a minimum of 15 days before each race.

* Racers must be wearing their group jerseys during every race.

* Racers can do no more than 2 different types of races, ie xc, enduro, or downhill.

* Groups can have up to 3 racers representing their group in each race with the fastest lap or time being counted as that group's lap/ time.

* There must be at least 3 different racers representing each group throughout the entire competition.

* Ebikes must be class 1 peddle assist bikes only. Deregulated or unrestricted bikes are disqualified and anyone caught using one will be disqualified.

* Anyone caught breaking any of these rules will cause that entire group to be completely disqualified from the group challenge.

* If someone leaves a team for any reason, they cannot join another team until the following year.

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