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Covid-19 Safety Plan for Shuttle Service

Covid-19 Safety Precautions


Bootleg Canyon Gravity Racing has put together a plan for the Bootleg Canyon Shuttle service that will promote social distancing/use of PPE/sanitization in order to keep everyone safe.

We are looking at COVID-19 state and county data and process changes on a daily basis. We are also coordinating with our local government entities to adopt best practices and adhere to safety promulgations.


Symptom Waiver:

Waiver noting that the participant has been symptom-free 14 days prior to the event. This will be done when you purchase your shuttle pass.


Temperature check:

We have a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer that will be used to check all participants. This will be done when you purchase your shuttle pass.



All customers will be required to wear their masks while inside the shuttle vehicle. There will be dividers placed between the seats of those that live in different households.


PPE for Volunteers:

All customers will be provided with PPE to use in case they do not already have their own.

Covid-19 is going to be with us for years to come. We need to begin learning how to live life with it in as safe a manner as possible. We feel that the logistical changes we are making to our event are a step in the right direction that will allow it to happen while keeping all participants, spectators, and volunteers safe.  

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